“The Rising Sun in the Land of Fear” (2020). Kiluanji Kia Henda

The Rising Sun in the Land of Fear The sculpture “The Rising Sun in the Land of Fear”, is part of a series of works that Kia Henda has been exploring since 2015, inspired by the railings of buildings and houses in Angola. The social “dissimetry” has profoundly changed the physiognomy of the city, homes [...]

“The Fontelo Sentinel” (2020). Rui Sanches

The Fontelo Sentinel An anthropomorphic presence, dialogues with the only tree that occupies the centre of the clearing. A construction, rigorous and architectural, confronts and accompanies the vegetal element, wild in its naturalness. A connection is established between the two vertical “beings” that creates a dense space of references, energetic and magnetic, which attracts visitors [...]

“Misplaced Measure” (2020). Signe Ferguson & Thanasis Ikonomou

Misplaced Measure Signe/Thanasis is a partnership developed to spark conversations between people, culture and the world we live in. Initiated in 2018, the collaboration was formed to combine our backgrounds in order to question conventional design norms. Signe Ferguson Signe is an artist and architect from New York. She is currently interested in bio-materials, and [...]

“Carpet of the Rock” (2020). Jazmin Charalambous

Carpet of the Rock Textile works fall into a tradition of illuminating socio-political issues. In the shadow of Viseu’s Stadium, this piece marks out a place where conflict becomes constructive. Shedding light on the almost comical clashes between peafowls and pigeons in Fontelo, the locally grown wooden Carpet is composed of two overlapping patches that mark out territories through pattern, [...]

“Primary Planet/Space Buoy” (2019). Miguel Palma

Primary Planet / Space Buoy For the past 20 years, I have lived with this sphere at my home’s garden. Sometimes when looking at it, I could see planetary geographies. The diverse colors and tones of rust would reflect layers of paint from different time-frames. The geography of these “scarred” continents had been the result [...]

“Lithos” (2019). Natalia Bezerra & Kaitlin Ferguson.

Lithos Lithos is a site-responsive sculpture that truly connects people with place. The piece uses natural materials of grey granite and local pine, transforming them to create a sculpture which draws out new playful interpretations of the landscape. The work takes the form of an interactive lithophone, which invites participation from the viewer. Sounds are [...]

“The People’s Stone” (2019). Steven Barich.

The People’s Stone From mountain ranges to monoliths, stelae to milestones, naturally formed and hand-carved markers have been used as physical tools of reference, from gauging where we are, to saying how far we have to go, to communicating who has come before us.  In contemporary times, carved stone forms are used less often, replaced [...]

“Living Stone” (2019). Liliana Velho.

Living Stone Inspired by a flowers and plants related micro practice series, “Living Stone” intends to be an island inhabited by beings, populated by micro cosmos’ where natural plants may be mistaken by the ceramic organic forms, in this way creating a lush scenario filled with forms and colors. In order to allow for the [...]

“14.000 Newtons” (2018). Pedro Pires.

14.000 Newtons This sculpture derives from the line of work that the artist has been developing about migration, which started with a trip to the island of Lesbos (Greece) in March 2016. The time spent at Lesbos was divided between volunteer work with the NGO ERCI (assisting migrants/refugees that arrived by boat), visual documentation and [...]