The faith in the virgin
Pity and fear of forgotten souls under the polarized sky,
Tear drops, sweat and blood
Denude the possessions of soil.

Inspired by historical events and the importance of cultural representation, the artwork examines relationship dynamics in time and space.
This sculpture operates as a converged space for all living species. Despite its power and dominance representation, it attempts to shift the hierarchical system embedded, allowing an in-depth examination of how spaces and structures could influence and shape relationships, considering its socio-cultural and ecological importance.
Within the sculpture, there is an element of inclusiveness, which allows the inhabitants of humans and non-humans to activate the space in a non-hierarchical order. The psychological implications that the space presents would manifest themselves in uncertainty, anxiety, directionlessness, and hopelessness. That would create a state of constant flux by guiding the viewer’s perception in a profound reflection of its past, present, and future.
The cathedral usually represents the Christian power, fetishized as the elevated sacred space, has its subtext of love to oppress and dominate. Examining the role of these buildings, and their function within the Western culture in relation to African culture, the cathedral has been a catalyst for conceiving this work.

Technical Details

Kassanje, 2021

Author: Januario Jano
560 x 600 x 800 cm
Galvanised Iron, Transparent Acrylic
Fontelo Woods / 40.6592199, -7.9039978

Januario Jano

Born in Angola, Januário Jano is a visual artist who lives and works between Luanda, London, and Lisbon. With a multidisciplinary practice, the artist works mainly with sculpture, installation (video, photography, sound), and performance. His work focuses on cultural and personal identity to explore historical and contemporary narratives.
Januário Jano holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths University in London, he is the founder of the Coletivo Cultural Pés Descalços and organizer of TEDxLuanda since 2012. He has exhibited internationally and regularly since 2015.


Fontelo Woods
Viseu, Portugal
40.6592199, -7.9039978