Little Choir in the Wild

This artwork is a music venue dedicated to promoting the music in the forest. It offers diverse housing options for the musicians from various bird species. Since the presence of peacocks has defined the image of Fontelo Park, the peacock feather inspired structure is a tribute to the most iconic residents of this forest. Serving as an interface between birds and humans, it holds choral concerts irregularly to convey the harmonies of those soaring creatures to human ears.

Technical Details

Little Choir in the Wild, 2021

Author: Linfeng Zhou
450 x 180 x 470 cm
Galvanized Iron, Zinc, Plywood
Fontelo Woods / 40.6586502, -7.9015785

Linfeng Zhou

Linfeng Zhou is a Vancouver-based designer with roots in Southwestern China, and visions around the globe. He grew up eating Sichuanese food and traveling around the Tibetan Plateau. He was educated in architecture on the Canadian Prairies. Now he often wanders across disciplines and cultures in search of the extraordinary substances of seemingly ordinary life. The ultimate goal of his artworks is to bring delight to this world, as joy is a human necessity.


Fontelo Woods
Viseu, Portugal
40.6586502, -7.9015785