A constant conversation in the state of dreaming and consciousness sometimes needs to be interacted with in the physical world, through a means of representation. The conversation is expressed in debate, dialogue, discourse and diatribe, and materialised through the weaving relation of the minds and hands. I’m inviting you all into this world – threading on the threshold of the wood and steel – to enter your own world of meaningfulness.

Technical Details

Conversations, 2021

Author: Xinyi Wang
600 x 500 x 110 cm
Galvanised iron, nylon rope
Fontelo Woods / 40.6572150, -7.8995940

Xinyi Wang

Born in 1991 in Beijing China, Xinyi Wang obtained a Bachelor and Master Degrees of Architecture at the University of Western Australia. Wang has experienced life in China, Japan, Spain and Australia. He is in a perpetual introspective conversation with himself, with hypersensitivity, excogitation, rumination, fragility and ambiguity. Currently based in Sydney, Xinyi Wang is interested in the peculiarity in everyday life through means of design and experimentation, and welcomes opportunities for collaboration with similar-minded creative individuals and groups.


Mata do Fontelo
Viseu, Portugal
40.6572150, -7.8995940