Primary Planet / Space Buoy

For the past 20 years, I have lived with this sphere at my home’s garden.
Sometimes when looking at it, I could see planetary geographies.
The diverse colors and tones of rust would reflect layers of paint from different time-frames.
The geography of these “scarred” continents had been the result of more or less violent clashes of those ships that for years had used this buoy as a goal post for their in and out journeys across the Tagus River’s entry point.
In this process of potential accident and crash with the ships, the sometimes-deep grooves came to be and became notorious, carving rivers and building mountains.
Here and now, at the Fontelo Woods, I believe water and corrosion will continue to sculpt these continents.

Technical Details

Primary Planet/Space Buoy, 2019

Author: Miguel Palma
160 x 160 cm
Fontelo Woods / 40.6586940, -7.9016390

Author's Word

Miguel Palma

Born in 1964, lives and works in Lisbon. Palma’s work frequently handles questions on technological development, ecology, the belief in images, the idea of power, the infant-juvenile world, the obsession for the machine. His art unfolds into drawing, sculpture, multimedia installation, video, artist books and performance.


Fontelo Woods
Viseu, Portugal
40.6586940, -7.9016390