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Fontelo Wood (Viseu, Portugal)
New Deadline: 26th of April 2020

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Attention: New Deadline

Following the recent events that force new dynamics and restraints upon us all, the POLDRA Organizing committee has decided – in line with multiple requests – to extend the deadline for submissions.

The new date is the 26th of April 2020.

Hoping that, as soon as possible, all of Us may resume regular everyday life, we mostly wish that this may be a period for all to spend safelly and with those that mean the most to each and everyone. That is the main concern and first priority at the moment – of us all, we believe.

To those that have already submited their proposal and to those that contacted us in order to assess this information we now make public, our sincere Thank You.


POLDRA – Public Sculpture Project Viseu, envisions to develop contemporary public art/art in public space proposals – with a significant focus on sculpture – created for selected spaces (site-specific) reinventing and reinterpreting them; while encouraging interactions between the visitors and the sites themselves. Through this dynamic, the work of art will be the kickstarter of a relation that it is hoped can exist beyond the act of looking.

POLDRA thus intend to contribute to the creation of an open sky, public art circuit. Each edition will bring about a dimension of long duration temporary creations, with a minimum of 3 proposals that will be maintained for a period of approximately 2 years, in this way ensuring the intertwining between each year’s proposals and executions with the ones from following editions of POLDRA, thus allowing a dialogue between authorships, visions, concepts and premises.

Each year, through an Open Call, POLDRA also encourages the presentation of proposals that complementing the existing collection, allow for supplemental and diverse looks and practices upon the public spaces that are selected as grounds for the Project.

The proposals that may be presented through this Open Call, must be specifically conceived for the Fontelo Wood’s (Viseu, Portugal) and must embody consistent thinking concerning Public Art/Art in Public Spaces as well as reflect the body of work of the creator’s (individual or collective) perspective regarding the topic.

How to send your proposal

For the proposal submission to be considered, please fill this form and attach a .pdf file with no more than 20 pages and 10 MB, must be sent.

The file itself must be titled as follows: author_worktitle

The information that must be contained in the file is:
• Author identification and title of the work that is proposed – even if provisional;
• Description of the proposed work (up to 300 words);
• Description of the process: creation, construction, assembling, technical and logistical requirements, etc. (up to 300 words);
• Max. 5 Images – and/or links for video, sounds, etc. – regarding the proposal (drawings, models, photo-montage, etc.);
• Budget estimate and chronogram regarding the creation/installation;
• Max. 10 Images: Portfolio (eventually with links, etc.);
• Bio/CV that allows for an understanding of the author’s career (up to 300 words).


Get to know the full regulations here.


For the 2020 Edition, the Jury will be composed by a member of POLDRA’s Organizing Committee (João Dias, POLDRA’s Artistic Director), one member in representation of the Municipality of Viseu (Jorge Sobrado, Councilman responsible for Culture and Tourism), three reputed personal­ities with experience and merit in the field of contemporary creation (Emília Ferreira, Director of the Portuguese National Museum of Contemporary Art; Stella Ioannou, Co-Director of the festival “Sculpture in the City”; Penelope Curtis, Director of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation’s Museum), and one artist present at a previous edition of POLDRA (Miguel Palma, Visual Artist).

Fontelo Wood, Viseu. Portugal. (40.656334, -7.900189)