Living Stone

Inspired by a flowers and plants related micro practice series, “Living Stone” intends to be an island inhabited by beings, populated by micro cosmos’ where natural plants may be mistaken by the ceramic organic forms, in this way creating a lush scenario filled with forms and colors. In order to allow for the habitable qualities of the piece, several small vases were created, sheltering some plants, such as moss and Navels of Venus. To the public is proposed an exercise of contemplating the surrounding nature, in which elements such as flowers, branches and leaves, are discovered, and in sequence, invited to add them into the piece, so that little by little a collective floral arrangement is built.

Technical Details

Pedra Viva, 2019

Author: Liliana Velho
257 x 237 x 394 cm
Ceramics: pink stoneware, blue and green engobes and glaze
Fontelo Woods /40.6590300, -7.8990940

Author's Word

Liliana Velho

Liliana Velho (Lisbon, 1985) is a visual artist that bares two hearts, one in Viseu and the other in Montemor-o Novo. Liliana is a Sculpture Graduate by the Lisbon University Faculty of Fine Arts (2009), and Visual Arts Master by ARCA (Coimbra, 2012). Through the more recent years she has dedicated to ceramic sculpture, electing clay as the most relevant material in her practice. She also works with different mediums such as drawing, sculpture and installation. Since 2015 she has regularly exhibited her work either individually or via artistic collectives (through artistic collaborations). Currently lives and works in Viseu.


Fontelo Woods
Viseu, Portugal
40.6590300, -7.8990940